Supermusic AI Can Turn an Idea Into a Song in Minutes

Music Ai Supermusic

The new Supermusic AI app offers innovative ways for users to create music using artificial intelligence, as well as sparking intriguing possibilities around music copyright and ownership over content creation.

With the Supermusic tool, users can start with just a basic idea of a song, describing it to the AI, which then asks a series of questions to fine-tune the creation process before generating an original track. Alternatively, for those who have complete lyrics, Supermusic AI can craft a song around them, complete with lifelike vocal renditions of the lyrics provided.

The process of generating a song with Supermusic AI is rapid, allowing users to listen to and share their creations almost immediately. The app is marketed with a lifetime access offer priced at $49.99, promising ongoing updates and potential additions of new musical genres to its capabilities.

Historically, producing music could take a significant amount of time and resources, as exemplified by the famously long process of recording My Bloody Valentine’s legendary album Loveless, which spanned three years, a dozen engineers, and as many studios. In contrast, modern technologies like Supermusic simplify the process significantly, requiring just a song idea and a device capable of running the app, such as an iPhone with iOS 13 or higher.

Supermusic also features a leaderboard where AI-assisted tracks can be shared and ranked based on plays, likes, and shares, encouraging a community of AI musicians. While the app primarily supports genres such as pop, country, EDM, rock, and rap, there are indications that more styles may be available in the future.

This app represents a shift in the music production landscape, where sophisticated studios and lengthy production times are replaced by quick, AI-driven music creation, accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Perhaps most intriguing for creative industry professionals is the technology’s relationship with copyright. From makeup influencers to fashion brands posting videos of their runway shows, content creators are often faced with the difficulty of finding music they have the rights to or having their videos become silent as the copyrighted music is quickly removed. While AI content regulation and questions of ownership over AI content is still in its early stages, music created for a specific purpose with generative AI could be a game-changing way to own your own music in all stages of the process.