Meta’s New AI Tools for Advertisers Now Create Full Image Variations

Meta's New AI Tools for Advertisers

Expanded generative AI features offer complete image modifications beyond backgrounds

Meta is expanding its suite of generative AI tools for advertisers. After first unveiling a set of AI features last October, the company has now rolled out a broader set of capabilities. Advertisers can now request full image variations that include AI-inspired ideas for the overall photo, updating the subject or product being advertised.

Meta's New AI Tools for Advertisers Now Create Full Image Variations
Image courtesy Meta

In a demonstration, Meta showcased how an existing ad creative featuring a cup of coffee outdoors next to coffee beans could be modified to present the cup from a different angle, positioned in front of lush greenery, evoking a coffee farm setting.

While changing backgrounds may not be significant for encouraging local coffee shop visits, altering the product itself with different angles or colors could mislead customers if the AI variations represent products that don’t exist in real life.

Image courtesy Meta

Meta acknowledges this possibility, explaining that advertisers can use the Text Prompt feature to tailor the output by changing the product’s colors, angles, and scenarios. In Meta’s coffee cup example, the cup itself could be shown from various angles, with each variation having a unique swirl of foaming milk.

To prevent the misuse of its AI system, Meta claims to have implemented robust guardrails to filter inappropriate or low-quality images. “Pre-guardrails” ensure unsupported images don’t enter the system, while “post-guardrails” filter out text and image content that doesn’t meet Meta’s quality standards or is deemed inappropriate. The company also stress-tested the feature using its Llama image generation model and full ads image generation model with both internal and external experts to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.

Image courtesy Meta

The full image variations feature has already begun rolling out, and in the coming months, advertisers will be able to provide text prompts to further tailor the image variations. Additionally, Meta will enable advertisers to overlay text on AI-generated images using a dozen popular font typefaces.

The image expansion feature, introduced in October 2023, will now be available for Reels and Feed across both Facebook and Instagram. This tool leverages AI to adjust image assets to different aspect ratios. Text overlays can also be applied in combination with image expansion.

Casetify, a smartphone case maker, reported a 13% increase in return on ad spend after using Meta’s GenAI Background Generation feature in its Advantage+ shopping campaigns. The new AI features will also be available via Ads Manager through Advantage+ creative.

Image courtesy Meta

Beyond images, Meta’s AI can generate alternate versions of ad headlines in addition to the primary text. The company is testing the ability to align this generated text with the brand’s voice and tone, using previous campaigns as reference material. These text generation capabilities will be moved to Meta Llama 3, the company’s next-gen large language model.

All generative AI features will be available globally to advertisers by the end of the year.

Meta also announced an expansion of its subscription service, Meta Verified for businesses, to new markets including Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. The service, initially tested in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada last year, will offer four subscription tiers with base features like verified badges, account support, and impersonation monitoring. Higher tiers will include profile enhancements, tools for creating connections, and more ways to access customer support.

The service will soon be available on WhatsApp as well, Meta confirmed.

Image courtesy Meta