Meta Launches AI-Powered Marketing Chatbots for Messenger

AI News 2024

Meta is continuing to deploy new AI technologies to help companies leverage its existing channels to give their marketing efforts a boost. The company recently introduced a novel AI-driven feature aimed at enabling businesses to better engage with their customers through personalized marketing chatbots on platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp.

In a blog post, Nichola Mendelsohn, Meta’s head of global business operations, detailed this new initiative. According to Mendelsohn, the feature allows businesses to deploy customized AI chatbots that can interact with potential customers, respond to inquiries about products, and offer recommendations on Messenger and WhatsApp. Importantly, customers can opt to switch to a human agent at any point, and businesses can intervene whenever necessary.

Highlighting the practical application of this technology, Mendelsohn referenced the experience of White Coat Manila, a hospital apparel company in the Philippines. In a demonstration video, a customer named Mona interacts with the company’s chatbot via Messenger after clicking on a Facebook ad. The chatbot efficiently assists her in selecting a merlot-colored scrub top in her size and answers her queries about the return policy before a human agent steps in to finalize the purchase.

This approach has notably reduced customer support costs for White Coat Manila by “at least 20 percent,” as per Mendelsohn’s blog post. While the feature is still under testing, select businesses have been granted early access to create their own AI chatbots through the Meta Business Suite by providing details about their offerings and product catalogs.

Moreover, Mendelsohn announced plans to introduce a service where select advertisers can send paid marketing messages directly to potential customers through Messenger. An example video showcased how such messages could include promotional offers like coupon codes and exclusive discounts, with Meta’s AI systems identifying the most appropriate recipients based on specific marketing goals like lead conversion or product awareness.