Immersity AI Transforms 2D Art Into 3D Animations

AI Innovation Times

One of the latest AI tools making waves is Immersity AI (formerly LeiaPix), which transforms 2D illustrations into 3D animations, perfect for bringing sketches, paintings, or scenes to life. Immersity AI simulates the motion of a 3D camera moving through an image using advanced depth maps.

So, who is Immersity AI for? The platform aims to enable non-3D users to add depth to their 2D art, offering a glimpse of how art can be experienced in VR. It’s ideal for integrating images into AR and VR, compatible with top VR headsets like Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.

“The version that’s available today was designed with a broad audience in mind, from photographers and film-industry professionals to hobbyists and digital creators who want to add depth, dimension, and emotion to their work,” says David Sitbon, director of Immersity AI. “In short, if you want to turn a flat image or video into something more engaging with some wow factor, Immersity AI is for you.”

The app features tools for zooming, panning, and dolly shots, with an instant preview to test animations before final rendering. Immersity AI offers a quick entry into 3D animation for 2D artists, making it accessible to anyone.

“We want to change the perception that the emotion unlocked through 3D content, due in large part to the sense of immersion created by depth, is only for the highly skilled or those with access to expensive software,” David explains. “Naturally, a 3D experience can’t be replicated on a 2D device, but the platform can give everyone a taste of it, regardless of the type of device they’re using.”

Leia Inc, the company behind Immersity AI, emphasizes ethical AI development. “Our AI system has been grounded in ethical principles, such as using our own data set for training,” says David. “We’re aware of the power of AI and the importance of using it responsibly. This means being transparent about how our technology works, respecting users’ control over their content, and making best efforts to manage proper use. For us, it’s crucial that Immersity AI remains a tool that supports creativity and innovation without compromising ethical standards.”