HPE CEO Announces New AI Lineup Aimed to Support Businesses

Hewlett Packard Enterprises has announced a new push deeper into the AI space. At a recent conference in Las Vegas, HPE CEO Antonio Neri unveiled plans for a comprehensive new lineup of hardware, software, and services designed for businesses eager to integrate various artificial intelligence technologies.

The initiative comes in the wake of the growing AI trend sparked by the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in 2022, which has prompted companies large and small to leverage AI for enhanced data utilization.

However, the infrastructure required to support AI applications—encompassing chips, hardware, and software—presents complexities and risks. “These customers want simplicity,” Neri emphasized.

According to Neri, while numerous firms and over a hundred governments are exploring advanced AI and supercomputing solutions, there remains a vast market of businesses yet to delve into the cutting-edge of technology. “Enterprises are in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions,” Neri told Reuters before the conference.

Currently, this broader business segment contributes approximately 15% to HPE’s AI revenues, with the bulk of its AI income stemming from major cloud computing providers like Amazon and Microsoft.

This fall, HPE plans to roll out new server models equipped with Nvidia’s sophisticated graphics processing units for AI tasks, alongside other specialized hardware and software offerings.

Moreover, HPE intends to provide consulting services to aid companies in managing and maintaining these systems. “This announcement is about the customer segment, to speed up the deployment of AI to accelerate this industrial revolution,” stated Neri.