How ServiceNow Makes the Most of AI, With 84% of Employees Using It Daily

ServiceNow, a cloud-based software provider that specializes in helping businesses manage their workflows efficiently, is setting a new AI example following an intensified focus on integrating generative artificial intelligence across its operations and products.

According to Chief Customer Officer Chris Bedi, the company has launched over 25 generative AI applications, transforming every aspect of its workflow including software engineering, HR, customer service, marketing, sales, and finance. “We’re infusing AI all over the place internally,” Bedi stated, emphasizing the necessity for transformation. He revealed that all departments were instructed to develop an AI roadmap, and as a result, 84% of ServiceNow employees now use generative AI daily.

Bedi explained the varying impacts of these AI applications, noting that while some are high impact, others have lower significance but are still maintained for their value. ServiceNow’s adoption of AI has already shown significant efficiency gains, reportedly doing the work equivalent to 50 full-time employees within four months and improving software engineers’ performance by up to 8%.

Leadership is crucial in managing these rapid changes, Bedi noted, clarifying that the goal is to enhance job performance rather than replace jobs.

This is not replacing your job. This helps you do a job better and reduces a lot of manual toil you have to do. Quite frankly, you can do a more interesting job.

Chris Bedi

The AI initiative has also led to changes in leadership roles within the company. Bedi, formerly the chief digital information officer since September 2015, has transitioned to focusing full-time on customer engagement as a result of his increased involvement with AI. Kellie Romack has taken over as SVP of digital technology.

ServiceNow recently entered the Fortune 500, buoyed by its advancements in AI. The company announced new generative AI capabilities last month, including tools that integrate with Microsoft Teams to enhance user interaction.

Despite these advancements, ServiceNow has cautioned Wall Street not to expect immediate financial gains from its new AI tools, maintaining its 2026 sales forecast of $15 billion in subscription revenue. Bedi remains optimistic about the future role of AI in business, predicting that the current applications will seem simplistic in hindsight. He also noted the positive reception of AI tools among employees, with about 70% finding the new generative AI summarization tools useful. “With gen AI, people are actually running to it,” Bedi concluded.