Canva Expands With New AI Tools for Businesses

Canva is expanding its offerings with a newly redesigned platform geared specifically towards businesses. The enhancement of Canva Enterprise introduces a new subscription model that provides large organizations with an array of new products and services, including workplace learning solutions, advanced editing and video-editing tools, and enhanced AI capabilities.

Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva, commented on the expansion, noting the increasing demand for visual content and the complexities this creates for organizations. “We democratized the design ecosystem in our first decade and now look forward to integrating design, AI, and workflow tools to serve every organization in our second decade,” Perkins stated.

The revamp aims to assist businesses in refining their design processes. Research by Canva shows that 92% of business leaders now expect design skills from employees, even in non-design roles. Canva Enterprise, designed for teams at large organizations, is enhancing its offerings with more sophisticated workspace tools. Canva also caters to smaller businesses through Canva Teams.

The updated Canva Enterprise platform will facilitate the customization of designs and templates, streamline editing processes, and incorporate new features from Canva’s Magic Studio. It also provides specialized tools for various team functions within large organizations, such as human resources, sales, marketing, and creative departments, offering them tailored products like newsletters, sales reports, content calendars, and brand strategy templates.

Further enhancements to Canva’s Magic Studio include the ability to generate graphics from text prompts, apply brand colors and templates with a single click, and convert designs to customized documents using prompts or other inputs.

In addition to its enterprise solutions, Canva has recently launched a set of AI-powered tools targeted at the educational sector, available for free to educators worldwide. This release coincides with Canva’s announcement that teachers, schools, and non-profits can join a waitlist to access Affinity, a photo editing and graphic design software recently acquired by Canva, at no cost.