Rumors Hint at AI-Powered Safari 18: Apple’s Intelligent Search and More

Rumors Hint at AI-Powered Safari 18: Apple's Intelligent Search and More
Image – @ AI Innovation Times

Apple’s next Safari browser may include AI-powered Intelligent Search, Web Eraser, and other UI improvements

Apple is reportedly testing a redesigned version of its web browser, Safari 18, featuring an AI-powered tool called Intelligent Search and some UI improvements. According to leaks shared with AppleInsider, Safari 18 is expected to launch later this year alongside iOS 18 and macOS 15.

The headline feature, Intelligent Search, will reportedly identify topics and key phrases on a web page to summarize the contents. Apple’s own large language model (LLM) will pick out phrases that offer explanations or describe object structures. Repeated words and key sentences will be recognized as topics, offering users a more comprehensive understanding of web content. Unlike other AI tools like ChatGPT, Intelligent Search will be on-device, which some Apple fans believe will enhance security.

In addition to Intelligent Search, Safari 18 is rumored to include Web Eraser, a sophisticated adblocker-like tool that allows users to remove elements on web pages, such as banner ads, images, or entire page sections. Safari will remember these changes and apply them in future sessions, with an option to restore the webpage to its original state.

Some believe that Web Eraser could also be useful in detecting and blocking AI-generated text, though no such feature has been confirmed. The tool has also drawn criticism, with some calling it hypocritical for allowing users to block ads on websites while Apple continues to sell ads in Apple News.

Other UI tweaks reportedly include a new menu that consolidates page controls. This menu will feature the new tools mentioned above, alongside existing controls such as zoom options, privacy settings, reader mode, and extension shortcuts. Additionally, Apple is rumored to be working on a more powerful visual search feature that provides “information on consumer products,” similar to the Visual Lookup feature for Siri.

While these features are currently unconfirmed and based on purported leaks, they seem plausible. Apple has already begun embracing AI marketing, as seen with the latest MacBook Airs. Despite having the same chip as the M3 MacBook Pro from last year, the new MacBook Airs are now being marketed as “great for AI.”

With Google, Samsung, and Microsoft all embracing AI in their latest tools and updates, it seems Apple is joining the trend with Safari 18, potentially redefining how users interact with web content on the browser.

Image – @ AI Innovation Times