Amelie Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet to Lead Jury on AI Film Festival

Amelie Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet to Lead Jury on AI Film Festival

In an unexpected yet exciting intersection of film history and film future, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of the iconic modern classic Amelie, has announced a film festival centered around short films created using AI. The director expressed a mix of fascination and apprehension toward artificial intelligence as he introduced the first-ever Artefact AI Film Festival on Wednesday. The festival, which will hold its awards ceremony in November, invites participants to explore the innovative use of AI in filmmaking.

“Everything that’s happening at the moment — whether it’s deepfakes, voice dubbing — it fascinates me,” Jeunet shared with reporters, highlighting his intrigue towards the technological advancements in the industry. He revealed experimenting with AI himself, including asking ChatGPT for sequel ideas for “Amelie,” though he admitted, “but I had to stop because it scared me.”

Jeunet will lead the jury at the festival, which welcomes submissions of short films, up to five minutes long, that incorporate AI in any stage of production, from scriptwriting to editing and beyond. Despite his ventures into AI, Jeunet remains confident in the endurance of traditional filmmaking. “There will always be films made by hand,” he affirmed, before going on to playfully point out the already robotic nature of Hollywood movies: “Maybe not the Marvel films, since the scripts written by AI could not be any more stupid than the ones they have done up to now.”

The festival is managed by Artefact, an AI consultancy firm, with experts ensuring the ethical use of AI, including adherence to copyright laws. Elisha Karmitz from MK2, a production company and cinema chain partnering with the festival, emphasized the significance of this event in the current landscape of media production. “We are in a moment of audiovisual revolution — it’s important that we address it,” Karmitz stated. He described the festival’s mission as promoting creativity and making AI more accessible in the creative process.

Filmmakers interested in participating have until October 1 to submit their entries. The festival promises not only several prizes but also the opportunity for the best films to be featured in MK2 cinemas, offering a platform for emerging talents to showcase their innovative work.