All the New Tools Announced at Microsoft Build 2024

All the New Tools Announced at Microsoft Build 2024

Microsoft Build 2024, the tech giant’s developer conference, introduced several new features on Tuesday, including updates to its AI chatbot Copilot, enhancements to Microsoft Teams, and more. The event underscored the tech industry’s focus on AI, with Microsoft making several key announcements in this area.

Here are the major announcements from Build 2024:

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft introduced Team Copilot, an AI co-worker that can join video calls to summarize discussions and ensure topics on the agenda are adequately addressed. Participants can edit Team Copilot’s notes, modifying the outline as needed. Team Copilot can also participate in chats, answering questions and updating latecomers on previous discussions.

Copilot was also highlighted during Monday’s Surface event, which unveiled the Surface Laptop 7 and Surface Pro 11. These devices feature Copilot and AI prominently, including a new “Recall” feature that tracks user activities on the PC and allows retrieval via natural language with a scrollable timeline.

Microsoft Edge Real-Time Translation for Videos

Microsoft announced a new AI feature for its Edge browser: real-time translation for videos. This feature can dub and add subtitles to select videos, benefiting users who are hard of hearing or want to watch videos in a different language. Supported videos include content from YouTube, LinkedIn, and Coursera.

New Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft introduced new features for Microsoft Teams, including Intelligent Recap (AI-driven meeting notes) and custom emojis that users can upload.

Copilot AI Chatbot

Microsoft debuted a feature where its AI assistant can assist users by watching their screen. During a demo, Copilot helped someone learn how to play Minecraft, a game primarily played by children. Whether users need this feature remains to be seen, but it is now available.

Copilot Agents

Microsoft unveiled Copilot Agents, AI assistants that can independently and proactively orchestrate tasks. These AI assistants can perform background work to help users complete their jobs more efficiently. An example task shown was onboarding a new employee.

GPT-4o on Azure AI

At Build 2024, Microsoft announced that OpenAI’s multimodal model GPT-4o is now available to developers on Microsoft’s Azure AI. This addition gives developers access to the new model’s image and vision capabilities, representing a significant advancement.

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