3 AI Tools Every Business Should Be Using Now for Targeting New Consumers

It goes without saying that drawing in new consumers is essential for any business’ continued growth, but the communications techniques that actually drive this growth can often be nebulous – particularly when digital marketing has so much data and so many different variables working at once.

The emergence of AI-powered analytics and targeting technology into the mainstream, however, has led to the creation of many tools that support this specific task, transforming complex data streams into actionable information. Here, we look at three key tools utilizing AI technology to drive new customer growth.

Persado, Optimove, and Pecan each provide distinct advantages tailored to enhance digital marketing efforts through advanced AI technologies. Persado specializes in generating and optimizing content that emotionally connects with audiences, improving engagement and conversion rates through meticulously crafted messages. On the other hand, Optimove focuses on customer relationship management, utilizing a robust Customer Data Platform to deliver highly personalized marketing strategies based on detailed customer segmentation and predictive analytics. This tool helps businesses target potential customers with incredible accuracy, fostering more effective and meaningful engagements. Lastly, Pecan AI specializes in predictive analytics, empowering companies to not only enhance their operational efficiencies but also significantly boost their customer acquisition strategies.


This tool leverages natural language processing and machine learning to deliver precisely tailored messages that resonate with target audiences, significantly increasing engagement rates and conversions.

Key Features of Persado

1. Language Optimization: Persado’s core functionality revolves around its ability to generate and optimize marketing language that appeals directly to a target audience’s emotions and needs. By analyzing thousands of language components and emotional triggers, Persado creates content that is more likely to engage users and prompt action.

2. Multichannel Capability: Whether it’s email marketing, social media ads, SMS, or web content, Persado ensures that messages across all channels are consistently optimized for maximum impact. This multichannel approach helps businesses reach their audience wherever they are most active, enhancing the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

3. Performance Analytics: Persado provides detailed analytics that help businesses understand how their messages perform. These insights allow marketers to refine their strategies continually, ensuring that every campaign is more successful than the last.

4. Personalization at Scale: Through AI, Persado enables personalization at a scale not feasible with human copywriters alone. Each piece of content is adapted to meet the preferences and behaviors of individual users, making messages more personal and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

How Persado Targets New Customers

To illustrate how Persado can be instrumental in acquiring new customers, consider a hypothetical campaign by an online retailer looking to attract first-time buyers. The retailer uses Persado to craft and optimize an email marketing campaign aimed at users who have recently visited their site but did not make a purchase.

Step 1: Audience Analysis
Using AI, Persado analyzes data from the retailer’s website to identify common characteristics and interests of visitors who left without buying. This might include the types of products they viewed and the time they spent on specific pages.

Step 2: Message Creation
Based on this analysis, Persado generates several variations of email content, each designed to target different emotional triggers identified in the potential customers, such as excitement (new product arrivals), exclusivity (members-only discounts), or urgency (limited-time offer).

Step 3: A/B Testing and Optimization
The retailer then uses Persado to conduct A/B testing on these variations to determine which message resonates the most with the target audience. Persado tracks the performance of each variant in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Step 4: Campaign Launch
Once the optimal message is identified, the retailer launches the email campaign to a larger segment of similar users, using the insights gained from the initial testing to refine the messaging further.

Step 5: Results and Refinement
As the campaign runs, Persado continues to analyze the interactions and further refines the language and emotional triggers to enhance engagement and conversion rates progressively.

Through this process, Persado not only helps the retailer maximize the potential of their email marketing efforts but also ensures that the content is continuously improved, based on real-world user responses and behaviors.

Best Applications

  • Content-Driven Campaigns: Persado is particularly effective for businesses that rely heavily on the emotional impact of their messaging, such as in industries like retail, hospitality, and entertainment.
  • Increasing Engagement Rates: It is best used where the goal is to maximize customer engagement through emails, advertisements, and social media posts, where the choice of words can dramatically influence the outcome.


Optimove combines the power of data science with AI to provide businesses with actionable insights and automated decision-making capabilities that enhance marketing strategies. Its ability to segment and personalize at a granular level allows companies to create highly effective, targeted campaigns that resonate with potential customers, improving both engagement and conversion rates.

Key Features of Optimove

1. Customer Data Platform (CDP): Optimove’s robust CDP collects data across various touchpoints, creating a unified customer database that is continuously updated in real-time. This comprehensive view of customer behaviors and preferences is critical for developing personalized marketing strategies.

2. Advanced Segmentation: Using AI, Optimove segments customers based on multiple dimensions, including behavior, spending habits, and engagement level. These segments are dynamically updated to ensure marketing efforts are always targeted at the most relevant audience.

3. Multi-Channel Campaign Management: Optimove allows marketers to orchestrate and manage campaigns across all digital platforms — from email to social media and beyond — ensuring a consistent and cohesive customer experience.

4. Predictive Analytics: Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Optimove predicts future customer behaviors, such as the likelihood of a purchase. These predictions help businesses to proactively tailor their marketing efforts to increase the likelihood of conversion.

5. Self-Optimizing Campaigns: Optimove’s campaigns automatically adjust based on real-time performance data. This feature ensures that the most effective marketing strategies are emphasized and less effective ones are phased out, maximizing ROI.

Using Optimove to Target New Customers: A Case Example

Consider a scenario where an online fashion retailer wants to increase its customer base by targeting potential customers who have shown interest in similar products but have never made a purchase. Here’s how Optimove can be utilized:

Step 1: Data Integration and Analysis
The retailer integrates their web traffic and social media interaction data into Optimove’s CDP. The AI analyzes this data to identify patterns and trends among visitors who didn’t make a purchase.

Step 2: Segmentation and Campaign Planning
Using the insights gained, Optimove segments these visitors into groups based on their behavior (e.g., types of products viewed, time spent on site) and demographic information. The retailer then plans multiple targeted campaigns tailored to each segment’s unique characteristics and preferences.

Step 3: Personalized Campaign Execution
The retailer launches multi-channel marketing campaigns via Optimove. For example, one segment receives discount offers on products they viewed but didn’t purchase, while another receives an invitation to a loyalty program offering exclusive benefits.

Step 4: Monitoring and Optimization
As the campaign progresses, Optimove’s self-optimizing algorithms continuously analyze the performance of each segment’s response to the campaign. The system automatically adjusts the messaging, channel, and timing of communications to optimize engagement and conversion rates.

Step 5: Results and Refinement
The retailer reviews the comprehensive campaign performance reports generated by Optimove. Insights from these reports help refine future campaigns, enhancing strategies for acquiring new customers more effectively.

Best Applications

  • Customer Retention: Optimove is particularly strong in managing customer retention programs due to its sophisticated customer segmentation and lifecycle stage prediction capabilities.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: It is ideal for businesses that use multiple channels for customer engagement and need a centralized platform to manage and synchronize these efforts.

Pecan AI

Founded with the mission to democratize data science, Pecan AI offers an advanced predictive analytics platform designed for business analysts rather than data scientists. It simplifies the creation of sophisticated predictive models, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions rapidly without the need for extensive coding or deep statistical knowledge. The technology automates much of the data preparation and model training process, which traditionally are time-consuming and require specialized skills.

Key Features of Pecan AI

  1. Low-Code Platform: Pecan’s low-code approach allows users to build and deploy predictive models with just a few clicks. This accessibility opens up data science capabilities to a broader range of professionals within an organization.
  2. Automated Data Processing: The platform handles various data preprocessing tasks automatically — from cleaning data to selecting features — which helps in speeding up the model-building phase.
  1. Advanced Predictive Insights: Pecan AI excels in offering detailed predictive insights, such as customer behavior predictions, churn rates, and lifetime value estimations, which are crucial for strategic planning and execution in customer acquisition.
  2. Seamless Integration: It integrates smoothly with existing business systems and data warehouses, ensuring that actionable insights are readily accessible and implementable across various business functions.

Practical Applications in Customer Acquisition

  • Retail: A fashion retailer used Pecan AI to predict which new customers are likely to become high-value clients based on initial buying patterns. This insight allowed the retailer to target these customers with personalized marketing campaigns, significantly increasing their conversion rates.
  • Finance: In the financial services sector, a company deployed Pecan AI to identify potential clients who might be interested in a new investment product. By analyzing existing customer data, Pecan predicted customer segments that were most likely to invest, allowing targeted and efficient marketing efforts.
  • Healthcare: A healthcare provider implemented Pecan AI to forecast which patients might be interested in a new wellness program. By understanding patient behaviors and preferences, the provider could tailor its communications, leading to higher enrollment rates in the program.
  • E-Commerce: An e-commerce platform utilized Pecan AI to optimize their ad spend by predicting which users are more likely to make a purchase. This predictive capability enabled more effective ad placements, maximizing ROI on marketing expenditures.